Lift Tickets, Ski School and Lessons

Are you coming to Falls Creek for the first time? Or maybe it’s just been awhile. It can be so hard to know where to start. Here’s a few pointers from us, having been a family that prior to purchasing Lakeside Falls Creek, have been coming up for one week a year since our 20’s. (We won’t talk about how many years that is!)

Let’s start with beginners:

As a beginner, you need to start your day at the Falls Express Chairlift in Slalom Plaza. This lift is accessible without putting your skis or board on, and takes you directly to the learn to ski and ride centre. If you are starting here for the first time, I recommend hiring your skis through a Falls Creek outlet Homebase Falls Creek Ski Lifts Outlets – Falls Creek. Homebase is located at the bottom of the Falls Creek Express so you don’t need to navigate anywhere with skis on until after your first lesson. They are not always the cheapest, but for the convenience of location it is worth it. Next visit you can try out one of the other rental outlets in the village.

Pre book your ski hire online, as the queues can be long here and it is frustrating when it takes up your valuable on-mountain time. There are discounts available too for advance purchase. Give yourself plenty of time to get fitted before your lesson starts.

If there are a few of you at the same beginner standard, consider booking a private lesson. You will get more attention and learn a lot more. Once you split the cost amongst you, it can work out the same price as a group lesson.

If it is within your budget, always book your kids into ski school. Group lessons are available for children, but ski school will get your kids moving faster. You can select half day or full day. We have always chosen full day, as the kids are fed lunch and it gives you a little more time to get the hang of things on your own.

For all things ski school, visit Junior Workshop – Falls Creek Ski LIfts ( It can be a chaotic time dropping your kids to their class. We have always found that it works best if you have already discussed with your children that they may not be placed together with siblings or friends (each child is placed in the class best suited to their ability), and to let them know that as soon as you have dropped them with their instructor and signed in, that you will be leaving them. There is simply no room for adults to hang around at the drop off point.

Pack a few little snacks in your children’s pockets (and your own for that matter) like protein bars or mini chocolates so that if they are hungry before the group stops for lunch, they have something to get them through.

Don’t be late for pick-up. After an adventurous day touring the mountain, your kids will be very eager to see you. Make sure that you are there on time as directed by their instructor to collect them. Our kids have always loved showing us their new skills or taking us on a tour to a run they found for the first time after their session has ended. But usually, that’s about all the energy they have left. Don’t be surprised if by 3.30pm or 4pm, they are ready to call it a day.

At the end of the day, if everyone has had a lesson of some sort you should have all the skills that you need to follow a home trail back to your accommodation. In Falls Creek, all home trails lead back to the village so you won’t get lost. Ask you accommodation provider to show you which is the best trail to take to minimise any uphill walking.

Ski school programs will have the kids whizzing past- Lakeside Falls Creek

Not a beginner, but just a bit rusty?

You should be ok to ski down to your preferred lift for starting your day on the village roads. This means that you can choose to hire your skis anywhere. A couple of the outlets actually deliver to your lodge and pick up which is super convenient.

If you think you can manage a bit of skiing straight away, then catch the Eagle chair up top to start your lesson. It is just a short traverse across to the meeting points, and you avoid the madness that is all of the beginners hopping on the Falls Express.

Lessons of some description- private or group, cannot be underestimated. If it’s been a while, or if you have only ridden a couple of days previously, a lesson is the perfect way to improve your skills and gives you a far greater control and lesser likelihood of sustaining injuries.

Competent but new to Falls?

Excellent… jump on the Eagle chair in the Village Bowl and you will find yourself with easy access to Scott Chair and Ruined Castle areas. Mostly all blue runs. You can also take Britt’s cut-through down to the Lakeside poma from here.

The Summit chair gives access to the majority of black runs, and with a small traverse can also lead you to the start of International and The Maze area.

What Lift Tickets do I buy?

Great question. At the time of writing, the resort is yet to release their day ticket pricing. However, the Epic Australia Pass is on sale, which is unlimited skiing and riding for the season here and at Hotham and Perisher, and has some additional perks for international resorts (should we be able to make it overseas). If you think you might be on the mountain more than 6 days, I would seriously consider purchasing one of these.