We are progressing mightily quickly through the Schitts Creek seasons here at Lakeside Falls Creek. While the Rose’s had time to wallow in missing their creature comforts, we have not even had time to notice that we don’t have a wardrobe. And I am not referring to a ‘wardrobe’ as multiple clothing options, I am referring to the literal wardrobe- you know, the place where you actually hang the clothes?

Life has been hilariously crazy. We have a huge commercial style laundry, but it is 4 stories down, and you can never actually be sure if the washing machine will drain properly or not, so I am building up a great set of ‘stair legs’ completing that chore. We set up the bar area, only to demolish it again so now have wine and martini glasses sitting on every flat surface.

We have replaced all 16 guest toilets and vanities, but couldn’t actually find a toilet that was useable for a couple of days. The plumbers have been amazing, working tirelessly to get us ready for opening, but they often just show up when they have the time and turn the water off to do their thing. It has become habit to fill multiple vessels with water every morning, ‘just in case’.

The bright blue carpet is no more in the guest areas, but we are super lucky to still have the pleasure in our own rooms.

We thought we had picked an easy job re-painting the ski storage room yesterday, only to find that the ski racks were designed pre-snowboard days! Poor Johnny Rose has had to angle grind all the racks to make them large enough for these new-fangled ‘board’ contraptions.

But how is the little one going at his new school you ask… well I am thrilled to say that he is settled as though he has always been there. He has made friends, and taken a liking to running at altitude. He regularly mountain bikes in his ‘backyard’, and is genuinely one happy little being.

And what of Moira Rose? Well, I left my make-up and hair straightener in Geelong on my last trip. You can only imagine the calamity! I had a demolition disaster as a cupboard fell on my thigh and tore my LuLu Lemons (that hurt way more than the slicing open of said thigh) and I can’t remember the last time I wore earrings due to needing a beanie EVERY DAY because it is sooooo cold.

But still, no complaints. This is fun. We are together…living the dream.