Our ‘How To’ for winter arrival at Falls Creek

Resort Entry and Oversnow Transport

Arriving at Falls Creek can be a little bit daunting if it is your first time. This is especially true if you arrive after dark. There appear to be lights flashing all over, and people everywhere. A great option is to leave your car in Mt Beauty and travel up with Falls Creek Coach Service.

If driving, you will first pass through the Howmans Gap ticket gate area. You need to have your resort entry pre-purchased online at Falls Creek | Resort Entry & Pricing.

As you then drive a little further up toward the village, there are tons of resort workers at the rescue directing you where to stop, where to unload and where to park.

If your accommodation is in the village proper, you are most likely going to need oversnow transport. Check with your provider, but generally speaking, the more central the location within the village itself, the more likely you are to need it. If you are staying at Lakeside Falls Creek, then you definitely do.

So, on arrival, pull into the ATS terminal. ATS stands for Accommodation Transfer Service, and is run like a ferry terminal. You unpack your luggage from your car onto a trolley. Then you head inside and check-in (if you have pre-purchased your transfer online). If there are 2 adults in the vehicle, then I recommend one of you organising the luggage and transfer tickets whilst the other heads back in to the car and takes it to park.

There will be a staff member there to direct you on available parking spaces. They will then direct a mini van to follow you and it will pick you up and take you back to the ATS.

Once all passengers and luggage are together, you can load into the ATS vehicle. You will be dropped at the door of your accommodation. The kids love the adventure of the big snow cat.

The team at Falls Creek Resort have put together a great instructional video to help you out here

Our guide to your first snow day on the mountain…

Lift Tickets, Ski School and Lessons

Are you coming to Falls Creek for the first time? Or maybe it’s just been awhile. It can be so hard to know where to start. Here’s a few pointers from us, having been a family that prior to purchasing Lakeside Falls Creek, have been coming up for one week a year since our 20’s. (We won’t talk about how many years that is!)

Let’s start with beginners:

As a beginner, you need to start your day at the Falls Express Chairlift in Slalom Plaza. This lift is accessible without putting your skis or board on, and takes you directly to the learn to ski and ride centre. If you are starting here for the first time, I recommend hiring your skis through a Falls Creek outlet Homebase Falls Creek Ski Lifts Outlets – Falls Creek. Homebase is located at the bottom of the Falls Creek Express so you don’t need to navigate anywhere with skis on until after your first lesson. They are not always the cheapest, but for the convenience of location for your first time, it is worth it. Next visit you can try out one of the other rental outlets in the village. If you have have what it takes to make it down a green run already, then you can ski through the village. In that case, hire your gear from Central Snowports (Cedarwood location) which is right across the road from us, or Yogi’s Ski Hire– where the team will deliver and pick up your gear to and from the lodge!

Pre book your ski hire online, as the queues can be long here and it is frustrating when it takes up your valuable on-mountain time. There are discounts available too for advance purchase. Give yourself plenty of time to get fitted before your lesson starts.

If there are a few of you at the same beginner standard, consider booking a private lesson. You will get more attention and learn a lot more. Once you split the cost amongst you, it can work out the same price as a group lesson.

If it is within your budget, always book your kids into ski school. Group lessons are available for children, but ski school will get your kids moving faster. You can select half day or full day. We have always chosen full day, as the kids are fed lunch and it gives you a little more time to get the hang of things on your own.

For all things ski school, visit Junior Workshop – Falls Creek Ski LIfts (skifalls.com.au). It can be a chaotic time dropping your kids to their class. We have always found that it works best if you have already discussed with your children that they may not be placed together with siblings or friends (each child is placed in the class best suited to their ability), and to let them know that as soon as you have dropped them with their instructor and signed in, that you will be leaving them. There is simply no room for adults to hang around at the drop off point.

Pack a few little snacks in your children’s pockets (and your own for that matter) like protein bars or mini chocolates so that if they are hungry before the group stops for lunch, they have something to get them through.

Don’t be late for pick-up. After an adventurous day touring the mountain, your kids will be very eager to see you. Make sure that you are there on time as directed by their instructor to collect them. Our kids have always loved showing us their new skills or taking us on a tour to a run they found for the first time after their session has ended. But usually, that’s about all the energy they have left. Don’t be surprised if by 3.30pm or 4pm, they are ready to call it a day.

A journey home

At the end of the day, if everyone has had a lesson of some sort you should have all the skills that you need to follow a home trail back to your accommodation. In Falls Creek, all home trails lead back to the village so you won’t get lost. Ask your accommodation provider to show you which is the best trail to take to minimise any uphill walking. To get to Lakeside Falls Creek, follow the ‘village trail’ and turn right down ‘Ory’s’. This section is a little steep, so take it slowly. You will go past the big water tanks with the moth murals on your left. Keep heading down hill here and veer to the right. Then, on your left about 50 metres down this section, you cut through a small gap in the trees and scoot around on the flat aquaduct trail. Just past the back of Cedarwood Apartments there is a short trail on your right. This brings you to our front door! Exit the trail slowly, as the large ATS vehicles are sometimes doing pick up and drop off’s here, so give way to them.

There is also a free village shuttle service that picks up from Slalom Plaza and drops at a number of locations throughout the village. If you are staying with us at Lakeside, then you will need to use stop 6.

Falls Creek – Official website for Falls Creek Alpine Resort : Here you will find everything you need to know about Falls Creek across both Summer and Winter Seasons. Lakeside is open for bookings in the winter ski season, as well as Summer school holidays, 3 peaks cycling event weekend, and the Easter school holidays.

Lakeside 2022 Team

Employment Opportunities- We are now searching for our 2024 superstar team!

Lodge All-Rounders:

In this role you’ll pretty much make or break our Guest’s snow trip… so, no big deal, but it would be kind of great if you loved customer service. Even better if you had a bunch of experience, and absolute best if hospitality is your thing 😊

RSA is non-negotiable, and Barista skills would be seen very favourably, because we all love a coffee in the morning, but we are happy to teach you too.

Lodge all-rounders generally do a few hours of breakfast shift or housekeeping  in the mornings, and then work bar and restaurant at night.

There is time EVERY DAY to ski or board if you have the motivation to get out there. You will work 5-6 days per week, between 28 and 36 hours per week on average.

You will share a room with awesome workmates, and get breakfast and dinner every day.

Pay rate is above award rates and if you have what it takes to make it to end of season, we will reimburse your Epic Pass.

We are a family lodge, and by working with us, you become family. Heads up right from the start, living onsite means no partying onsite as our guests are right outside your door.

If this sounds like your kind of season, please make us a quick video intro detailing:

  • Why you would like to do a season at Falls Creek
  • Why you are suited to lodge hospitality work
  • What you love or think you’ll love about skiing/snowboarding/ snow
  • What your plans are following the season (study, travel, work etc)

Send this and your resume, to [email protected]

Cook/ Kitchen Hand:

Lakeside Eatery is quickly growing in popularity. We serve crowd pleasers and have a terrific reputation for great quality meals at good value.

Our kitchen team have substantial input on menu design- there are just a few ‘must haves’ that our regular guests can’t live without.

You will work with a great head chef, returning for their fourth stint in our kitchen, and they are looking for someone with fast paced experience.

You will work 6 nights per week (no breakfasts or lunches), so heaps of time to ride in the mornings and on your day off. No Overtime. I’ll say it again: No Overtime.

Accommodation is available onsite, and breakfast and dinner provided daily (even if you do cook it for yourself aaannnd for the rest of the team)

You’ll need to be super organised, and great at planning and ordering in line with mountain delivery schedules.

We are looking for someone with kitchen experience. A cook, or perhaps even someone aspiring to be a chef that has not yet completed all of their qualifications.

You will be jointly responsible for maintaining kitchen cleanliness, food safety standards, and an orderly workspace.

We will pay you a great rate, and reimburse your Epic Pass at the end of the season.

Please forward your resume to [email protected]

For additional opportunities visit:

Falls Creek Alpine Resort | Employment | Jobs

Summer at Falls Creek

Summer arrivals at Falls Creek work a little differently to winter. Firstly, there is no requirement to purchase resort entry, this is free during the ‘green season’. Vehicles are generally allowed within the village in order to drop luggage at your accommodation. Please follow the road signage for any parking restrictions in place. Should parking to be limited to 30min (in peak times), once you have unloaded your luggage you can park at the bottom of the village in Slalom carpark. There is no charge for this.

Lakeside Falls Creek offers secure bike storage during the summer.
Bicycles can be hung on the hooks provided in the lock up storage facility. They must not be taken to rooms. (Additional cleaning fees will apply.)

Mountain Biking: gravity shuttles are provided by Blue Dirt

Back country touring: we recommend Falls Creek Guides. Macca and his team offer a variety of touring options, some inclusive of catering, and specialise in e-bikes.

Water based adventure: Rocky Valley dam is Australia’s highest significant body of water, and a great place to kayak, sail, SUP and more. Peak Adventures offer hire options. There are plenty of hidden swimming holes and fishing spots too. Grab a map from the Visitor Information Centre and start exploring!

Tennis and Disc Golf: Falls Creek has a tennis court located in the village bowl near Frying Pan Inn and a Disc Golf course in the Nordic bowl area. Equipment for both can be hired from the Visitor Information Centre in Slalom Plaza.

Not all restaurants and cafes on the mountain open for the winter season and most that are have limited days. The best up to date information on where to eat can be found at What’s on this Week at Falls Creek – Official home of Falls Creek Alpine Resort It is best to pre-plan your venues for your stay.

Lakeside Eatery will be open from 4pm until 10pm Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday from Dec 28th until Jan 30th.